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Although IT networks are a huge part of the contemporary business world, many companies still disregard it as an extra cost. Here’s why most companies need full-time IT support.

Small mishaps, big consequences

When companies assign unqualified individuals to IT support, the small mistakes they will undoubtedly make can have very big ramifications on work flow.

The latest technology

A trained IT specialist should be up-to-speed with technological innovations. They will oversee the transition to new technologies in order to keep you ahead of your competitors.

We, at Fivestar IT, realize the growing need for IT support in just about every industry. That’s why we’ve been providing comprehensive platform support and website construction for almost 10 years. If you’re looking for leading IT expertise in the greater Los Angeles area, we can help.

Visit our website or call (888)-932-6638 for more information!

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Technological Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

fivestarit 2Small Business Technology

Being a small business does not mean you’re exempt from keeping up with the latest technology. It’s the most common mistake made by small businesses to abstain from utilizing technology that hurts their business.

Common Mistakes

Here are some areas that should be mended in your business IT infrastructure.

  1. Servers- If your business has more than 5 employees then you should implement a server network. Working of peer-to-peer networks lead to many problems as they do not offer much in the way of resource sharing and security.
  2. Upgrades- As technology is constantly evolving so should your upgrades. From security to programs, your IT infrastructure should be up-to-date with all the latest software so as not to be left behind.
  3. User Training- Essential for small businesses, without the proper training the software is useless. Investing in training will lead to a smoother running business and a self-sufficient staff. A well-trained staff will save you time and money.

Tech Support in West Hollywood

FiveStar IT offers businesses our technical support to your business. We can strengthen your IT infrastructure by establishing a strong server along with setup and training. For more information about our services, contact us at (888) 932-6638.

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The Importance of Backing Up

fivestarit 1Computer Repair in Burbank

With so much of our lives stored on computers these days, it is imperative that we take precautions against losing all of that data. Whether you are backing up your personal computer or tablet at home, or your desktop computer at your job, having your information stored elsewhere is crucial. Back up your important items, including pictures, word documents, and any contacts you have onto a sizable external hard drive. For digital cameras, this helps you keep your camera storage at a high level, as you can delete old pictures without worry. Before your computer incurs any kind of issue, and before our service team can get in there and fix it, we want to make sure you have your data properly backed up.

IT Support West Hollywood

If you or company is in need of tech support, call upon the experts at 5 Star It. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Put yourself in the position to recover from any kind of IT emergency by backing up your data securely to one or multiple external hard drives.

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The Importance of Responsive Web Designs

Responsive Website for Businesses

A good website is important for any business. Whenever a business builds a website, they should consider using a responsive web design. A website built with this approach benefits both the company and consumers.

Better User Experience

The use of mobile devices to access websites has drastically increased. A responsive web design allows the website to adjust to fit the device’s screen. Not only is this convenient, but it will encourage users to make future visits.

Recommended by Google

Google is the most popular search engine, and it prefers responsive websites. It allows Google bots to easily and more efficiently crawl, index and organize a single website and its contents.

Eliminates Duplicate Websites

Creating one responsive website is better than having multiple duplicates. Not only does it safe time and money, but it’s easier to engage and share links and easier to maintain and update content.

Businesses that want a great responsive web design for their website should visit Fivestar IT. Creating a website that can adjust to different size screens is very beneficial.

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Tips for Keeping Your Personal Computer Functioning Properly

Practice Proper PC Care

Normally, computers do not have a long lifespan, but properly caring for your PC will keep it healthy and functioning for years, possibly exceeding its expected lifespan.

Keep Computer Physically Clean

Hardware components, such as keyboards, monitors and the CPU, should be cleaned regularly. Use a cloth or can of compressed air to remove dust and other dirt particles.

Avoid Suspicious Downloads

Do not download software or attachments that were not requested and seem suspicious. They may carry malicious software that can attack your computer files and software.

Regular Virus Scan

PCs should always have an anti-virus installed! Schedule regular virus scans, preferably daily, to detect and delete any virus immediately.

Disk Cleanup

Run disk cleanup weekly to delete temporary files that may be slowing down your PC, while freeing up space on your hard drive.

Regular maintenance is very important for your PC’s health. If you need assistance maintaining your computer’s health or resolving issues, Fivestar IT offers quality computer support your PC deserves.

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Signs That a Computer System May Have a Virus



A Virus is an Enemy to Computers

Computer viruses causes havoc in computers, and may even reformat the hard drive. Viruses are not visible but there are ways to tell if a computer is infected with a virus.

Slow Performance

Has your computer been moving slower than usual? Viruses attach programs and even the operating system that result in computers moving slower than usual.

Data Loss

If files have unexplainably been lost, this is a result of a computer virus. Virus attack and destroy files, resulting is loss of information.

Frequent Computer Crashes

Computers may restart randomly or even crash, but that is rare. However, if you’ve noticed this occurring frequently, it is because there is a virus on the system.

Viruses are a nuisance. If you suspect your computer may have a virus, get tech support from Fivestar IT to remove the threat from your computer.

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Three Reasons A Web Site Can Build Your Business


1. 24 Hour Availability
Your store may have a great location with easy to find products at great prices, but you’re probably not open 24 hours a day. Taking orders online will bring you business even when you’re closed.

2. Expand Your Reach
Setting up a web site allows you to reach a much wider customer base than you can with your brick and mortar store, opening you up to a global market.

3. Highlight Your Assets
A web site lets potential customers learn about your business before setting foot in your store; they can find out what products and services you offer, as well as a little history about your business.

Fivestar It has been helping businesses grow online since 1996 and is still at the forefront of technology. Visit them online today.

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