What Is a Responsive Web Browser and Why Do You Need It?


New Website Design Challenges for 21st Century

If you’re new to web design and aren’t familiar with smart phones, tablets, and other newer forms of technology, it can be tricky to understand why responsive web design is something your site very much needs in today’s market.

Many websites are designed for a standard web browser on a desktop computer – one like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc. When the websites are designed and viewed on these browsers, they look great. Everything text box and image is in the right place.

However, other devices such as smart phones and tablets exist now, and each device has its own browser. Because these screens are smaller, the web browsers in phones and tablets will size images differently. Many people access web sites on the go on their smart phones. Therefore, this can cause a problem if potential customers are not able to access your website, or find it too confusing to read when they do get there.

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