Signs That a Computer System May Have a Virus



A Virus is an Enemy to Computers

Computer viruses causes havoc in computers, and may even reformat the hard drive. Viruses are not visible but there are ways to tell if a computer is infected with a virus.

Slow Performance

Has your computer been moving slower than usual? Viruses attach programs and even the operating system that result in computers moving slower than usual.

Data Loss

If files have unexplainably been lost, this is a result of a computer virus. Virus attack and destroy files, resulting is loss of information.

Frequent Computer Crashes

Computers may restart randomly or even crash, but that is rare. However, if you’ve noticed this occurring frequently, it is because there is a virus on the system.

Viruses are a nuisance. If you suspect your computer may have a virus, get tech support from Fivestar IT to remove the threat from your computer.

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