Tips for Keeping Your Personal Computer Functioning Properly

Practice Proper PC Care

Normally, computers do not have a long lifespan, but properly caring for your PC will keep it healthy and functioning for years, possibly exceeding its expected lifespan.

Keep Computer Physically Clean

Hardware components, such as keyboards, monitors and the CPU, should be cleaned regularly. Use a cloth or can of compressed air to remove dust and other dirt particles.

Avoid Suspicious Downloads

Do not download software or attachments that were not requested and seem suspicious. They may carry malicious software that can attack your computer files and software.

Regular Virus Scan

PCs should always have an anti-virus installed! Schedule regular virus scans, preferably daily, to detect and delete any virus immediately.

Disk Cleanup

Run disk cleanup weekly to delete temporary files that may be slowing down your PC, while freeing up space on your hard drive.

Regular maintenance is very important for your PC’s health. If you need assistance maintaining your computer’s health or resolving issues, Fivestar IT offers quality computer support your PC deserves.

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